Favorites makeup things of 2015. Maquillaje favorito del 2015.

by - 12/31/2015 01:00:00 p. m.

These are my favorite makeup things of this year. I absolutely loved them.

- LACA black and extra large mascara, Millanel extra black mascara, Maybelline cover stick concealer, Rimmel London wake me up concealer, Maybelline hello pinky 701 lipstick, Deborah Milano blush colorete, Cutex nails color, Fascino and Urban Velvet brushes, Rimmel London primer, Maybelline better skin foundation.

Estos son mis productos de maquillaje favoritos de este año. Los amo absolutamente. 

- LACA mascara negra y extra large, Millanel mascara extra negra, Maybelline cover stick corrector, Rimmel London wake me up corrector, Maybelline hello pinky 701 labial, Deborah Milano colorete mejillas, Cutex esmalte de uñas, Fascino y Urban Velvet brochas, Rimmel London primer, Maybelline better skin base. 

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